Agency for cooperation and research in development  (ACORD) is a Pan- African organization which was founded over 30 years ago, working in 17 African countries to promote social justice and lift Africans out of poverty. ACORD works with more than one million Africans and 2000 partners on the continent and worldwide.

ACORD’s programming activities are implemented at country, regional and pan African level and mirror four thematic areas; livelihoods particularly food sovereignty, conflict and peace building, gender and HIV and AIDS.

ACORD’s vision is a society in which all citizens are able to achieve their rights and fulfill their responsibilities, and its mission is to work in common cause with people who are poor and those who have been denied their rights to obtain social justice and development and be part of locally rooted citizen movements.


ACORD has been working in Kenya since 2005 in response to;

The chronic droughts; faced by pastoralist communities along the Kenya and Tanzania border and recently the northern regions of Marsabit and Mandera.

 Gender and Women’s Rights: Seeking to develop a sustained behavior change and appropriate community responses to end impunity for sexual crimes and gender based violence, ACORD is aiming to economically empower women survivors. A multi-stakeholder learning group and stronger partnership are key elements for addressing the issues of sexual violence more effectively.

 Peace-building: ACORD’s community social peace and recovery (CSPR) methodology aimed at generating leadership for sustainable peace and recovery among divided communities focuses on building the capacities of the communities themselves in conflict resolution and strengthening the local mitigation mechanisms to avoid escalation of conflicts. This approach is rooted in dialogue between the divided parties to facilitate truth, healing, forgiveness and reconciliation in order to promote understanding and facilitate the formulation of an agreement on the modalities for long-term peaceful coexistence and non-violent alternatives to conflict.