Nanjakululu on radio ingo discussing issues of the NASA manifesto and the IEBC shenanigans.




ACORD country director standing to the left of NASA Presidential candidate Hon. Raila A. Odinga during a policy discussion in Machakos.



April 11, 2017.

Agricultural council of Kenya (AgCK), held a meeting with its stakeholders at Panafric hotel Nairobi to deliberate on the following.

1.Developing strategies for successful issue based engagements through targeted and focused agricultural product value chain segment-based consultations.

2.Identifying entry points and AgCKs key message in the ongoing Agricultural sector development strategy review.


Members of the AgCK and the stakeholders after the meeting.


Nanjakululu on Mulembe Fm a local radio station today discussing integrity issues and how they affect electoral choices in this years election.



where radio meets T.V: Nanjakululu on radio maisha and later on KTN news channeldiscussing issues of integrity and how they might affect electoral choices in the upcoming general elections..




Kisumu region steering committee meeting, under the auspices of the fighting violence against women and girls through football project.



On March 4th 2017. ACORD and partner British council was in Obunga Kisumu county.We held a roadshow for Community sensitization,  and dialogue on addressing violence against women and girls.


Second from the right ACORD country director Jacob Nanajakululu.


ACORDs Assistant project officer Beatrice mobilizing village elder and chief’s for voter registration.


On the eve of the IEBC voter registration deadline, Women were  coming forward to confirm and collect IDs to beat the 14th Feb 2017 deadline.


VCAs getting young ladies on 13th February 2017 to register as voters,  and the reception is positive.


On 11th February 2017 village elders in West Sangalo had a meeting with VCAs. They  pledged to come up with a structure so that they can find a way to lobby people to vote during the month of August. The Assistant Chief Mr Robin Barasa says he will initiate the process as early as now so that every thing is in place including going door to door during that time. He also appreciates the support and collaboration from ACORD, EU AND UN WOMEN.
They said they will be liaising with VCA-Victor in various meetings of sensitizing the people on the importance of voting.


Media is a powerful tool for mobilization and advocacy. ACORD’s country director Jacob Nanjakululu was at Radio ingo on the 12th Feb 2017, sensitizing the public on civic rights and the duty to register and vote so as to earn the honors of being key stakeholders in governance.


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Below is Hon. Kaparo chair of NCIC addressing a peace meeting on the 31st of January 2017 in which ACORD is the Major stakeholder.


ACORD Bungoma team having a consultative meeting in Mabanga on the 21st December 2016, with Amani National congress (ANC) women league.


ACORD country director courtesy call on Trans Nzoia county commissioner on the eve of a meeting with community leaders in Kitale on 14th December 2016.


ACORD  together with representatives from other civil society organizations had a joint meeting on 14th December 2016 to validate  replication of the Women Situation Room in Kenya.


ACORD joined CSO participants in the AFDB consultative meeting in Nairobi to set up procedures and processes of working together.


Immaculate Shamala of ACORD leading the launching of ANC women charter in Nairobi on the 9th December 2016.


Jacob Nanjakululu from ACORD at the ongoing AFDM (African Development Bank) East Africa Regional CSO consultative meeting in Nairobi on the 8th December 2016.



Nanjakululu Jacob, ACORD Director doing a jig with former Deputy Prime Minister and ANC Party Leader after a meeting where he lobbied him for the 2/3 gender rule.


Nanjakululu Jacob, ACORD Country Director meeting with Hon. Wetangula Ford Kenya Party Leader and Senate Minority Leader to lobby for 1/3 women nomination at party level.

ACORD and BC officers meeting with Obunga community members in Kisumu in a feedback session on the addressing violence against women and girls through football program.


ACORD and BC market activation for behavior change at Nyalenda Kisumu to Launch the advocacy bit of addressing violence against women and girls through football.



Steakholders meeting at Mabanga, Bungoma to explore strategies of lobbying for more nomination positions for women in 2017 in the spirit of the 2/3 gender rule


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